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Tarenia Carthan

District 3 Commissioner Concerned Candidate

My name is Tarenia Carthan; I’m a proud business owner of an IT & Health Consulting company for over 10 years. I am a Native of Atlanta, Ga. and my roots are planted firmly in Douglas County, Ga. where I am a Christian, a wife, a mother of 4 girls, and an active member of my community. I believe that when people come together from different backgrounds with one common goal and God in the midst, that any issue can be resolved. It is with that belief that I am running as your next District 3 Commissioner of Douglas County.

I grew up in the inner city of Atlanta. My family taught me the values of discipline and hard work. They instilled in me that what makes a person great is not how much you have; but how much you do with what you have. Being raised in the projects of Atlanta we were far from middle class, but we had family, faith, education, and good work ethics. These values produced in me the mindset to overcome my circumstances and to push beyond my comfort zone but never forget where I came from.

Speaking of family, we are certainly a diverse group from all cultures and political affiliations. Some are Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. Political discussions during family gatherings are heated but always respectful. We understand that whatever political differences we may have, we are family first and Americans with freedoms that soldiers, like my husband, have fought for us to enjoy.

I received a great education in Atlanta public schools due to the teachers and staff who saw more in me than I could ever have dreamed. I became a mother and wife at 19 but that experience grew me while my family continued to encourage me to further my education. I received my Associates Degree in Information Technology from West Central Tech, and my Bachelors of Science from Atlanta Christian College, now Point University. I have continued my studies and certifications including being an Ordained Minister for Pastoral Counseling. I believe in education, economic development, environmental responsibility, and supporting our elderly community with needed resources.

Being involved in my community as a weekly volunteer with Meals on Wheels; an advocate for marriages and families; STEM mentor and Co-Founder of Angels N Tech; an Alumni of the Douglas County Citizens Academy; the President of the Democratic Women’s Council of Douglas County; Vice-Chair of the Douglas County Tax Assessors Board; and being a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. are all experiences I will bring to the table as the next District 3 Commissioner of Douglas County. I have both the public and private sector of business experience to bring into office which includes contract negotiations, employee hiring, and policy management. There are no hidden agendas!! I am a Servant Leader that is a “Concerned Citizen turned Concerned Candidate”, who wants Douglas County to progress and move in a direction that all families of this county can be proud to call home.

I look forward to your support and earning your vote in my efforts to become your next District 3 Commissioner.

“One of my passions is making sure that our Senior Citizens are cared for.”


Question 1: Describe who you are, where you're from and what you stand for in three sentences or less.

I am a wife, mother of 4 girls, and a business owner of an IT consulting firm. I am also a native of Atlanta, Ga. and have lived in Douglas County for 17-years. Transparency, fiscal responsibility, and smart community/economic development for our families and future generations are the reasons why I am running to become the next District 3 Commissioner of Douglas County.


Question 2: What experience do you have that qualifies you for the position you're seeking?

Currently, I am the Vice-Chair of the Tax Assessors Board here in the county along with being alumni of the Douglas County Citizen’s Academy, where I gained a deeper knowledge of how the county business operates. I am the Co-Founder of a STEAM mentoring organization, and the owner of a Medical/ IT consulting firm, where I have over 15 years of business experience. Listening and understanding what my clients needs are, employee management, contract negotiations, and maximizing bottom line return of dollars for investment are just a few of the skills that qualify me. Being in business has taught me to ask tough questions, research information and answers, continue educating myself to meet the needs of a changing landscape, and work within a team to acquire the desired result of success.


Question 3: What do you see as the biggest challenges facing Douglas County ? As a county commissioner?

Douglas County faces issues of growth, and how to effectively handle tax dollars to meet the need of that growth. We currently have one of the best air and water quality systems due to our water supply from the Dog River Basin. This along with our proximity to the world’s busiest airport makes us an attractive county. Yet, with growth come issues of transportation, roads, environmental safety, and economic development. Our county needs a commissioner who has the skill set to develop plans with department heads, state and local elected officials, and the community to ensure we are moving in a positive direction for all the families that live in Douglas County.


Question 4: If elected, what are your goals as a county commissioner?

I want to be clear, when elected, politics, and party affiliation will never come before the People who call Douglas County home. However, one goal in particular is to help the concerned citizens, like myself, understand where our tax dollars are going and how to have a voice in government. At the moment our county website is antiquated and needs to be totally revamped. Implementing a county wide transparency web app, that would allow every citizen access to items to be taken up for discussion and vote by the BOC, business contractual bids and awards along with spending that can be tracked, and instant messaging to the BOC, would be one of the goals I would tackle to help re-build the trust of the community in our government. Having a transparent, safe, and efficient web app would be a start. I humbly ask the voters to help me become their voice at the BOC table as I stand for a fiscally conservative government with regards to spending tax dollars; transparency in decision making and policies; well thought out economic development; roads without potholes; and family recreational facilities that we can be proud of as we work, live, play, and worship in Douglas County.

“Douglas County citizens deserve to have clean water and air free from factory pollutants.”

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“We must move resources into schools for the growth of our students.”


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